Research Methods and Thesis Preparation

Course #: GG360

Topics covered

Four specific ways to research the literature of your subject area:

  1. “Expert consultation”
  2. Review articles
  3. Dissertations/Theses
  4. Metasearch

A word about research questions:

  • They are questions you can answer
  • They are doable/feasible
  • They help you focus your research
  • They guide a researcher into relevant literature

1. “Expert consultation”

  • Using expert(s) to find specific literature
    • Good way of leading into key authors
    • Good to identify key journals
    • Usually advisable to start with some initial research yourself
    • May happen at any time in the literature review

2. Review articles

  • Articles written by experts that are a review of literature in a certain area
  • Should be peer-reviewed, not “white papers”
  • Look for the following terms:“critical review” OR “critical review of the literature” OR “critical literature review” OR “integrated review” OR “review article” OR “review of the literature” OR “systematic review” OR “synthesis review” OR “thematic review”

3. Dissertations & Theses

4. Metasearch