Analysis of Social Issues

Course #: SY102

For your research paper you will need to look for articles exploring emotional labour, based on Arlie Hochschild's book The Managed Heart: Commercialization of Feelings.

This assignment, while challenging, provides you the opportunity to learn about different ways to search and why subject headings are so very important, in fact, I think they're the key to finding really GOOD resources for ANY paper you will be writing. My normal way of searching brings very few results, so I have included below other suggestions of where to find good resources.

Start with keywords

  • Write down what you need for this search by paring down your topic to three concept words, such as (“work” AND “emotion” AND "police")
  • Start thinking of similar terms for the keywords you have used (“work” OR “job” OR “occupation”) or ("emotion" OR "feelings" OR "stress") ("police" OR "law enforcement" OR "criminal justice")
  • To find the words that might help you do this search, I use a method which students are calling Anne Kelly'ing a search (I never realized how cool it is to be referred to as a verb!). You can find the step-by-step directions on how to do it by clicking on this link and substituting your own search topic.

Finding journal articles

  • A good place to start is the sociology subject guide which will lead you to our recommended database, Sociology @ ProQuest.
  • Because "emotional labour" is a relatively new concept, there isn't one clear subject heading that will get to articles, even using the American spelling of "labor". As a result, try "work" and "emotion" as keywords, at least at the beginning of your search.
  • Following the method described here, you can substitute your chosen profession for "police". Health care workers appear to be the most frequently studied, along with teachers and service workers.
  • Working through the method gets us to this kind of list of subject headings which might possibly work to find our articles:
Worksheet for SY102 search
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Keywords: work emotion police
Subject headings:


work environment


work place

working conditions



mental health

well being



quality of life

mental stress


law enforcement

  • You will likely notice that this search doesn't really bring a lot of articles forward, so here are a few other suggestions to try:
    • instead of "employment" AND "emotions", try searching for "emotional labor" (American spelling and with the quotation marks) in the Abstract (see example search here). This results in quite a few scholarly journal articles, many of which are peer-reviewed. Please watch our short tutorial on What is a Peer-Reviewed Journal? Now you can add in the occupation you've chosen and see what you get.
    • Another method is to search for the theory's author by name. If an article is about Hochschild's theory, it will likely use her name in the abstract (which is a summary of what the article is about). Doing this resulted in almost 300 scholarly journal articles, the majority of which are peer-reviewed. This method works, unless she (or someone else named Hochschild) has a completely different theory in sociology, so be aware this could occur.

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